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“Sam rocked our world at Superpoular Studios! He came in with a truckload of instruments and blew us away with his work-bluegrass fiddle tunes, disco songs, dramatic scores and weirdo instruments! I love working with Sam because he loves to collaborate and he can always find the perfect sound in his bag of sticky tricks.”

Barney Wornoff; Senior Animator at Smiley Guy Studios (Corn and Peg, Corner Gas Animated, Jimmy Two-Shoes, Nature Cat).

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"Sam Allison is a composer of tremendous inventiveness and creativity. His studio is overflowing with rare and wonderful instruments from around the world that he somehow seems to be able to draw the very soul out of. Whatever music he makes, he always sounds like magic."

Robbie Teehan; Composer for Salvation, Bitter Harvest, Killbird, Homeland and administrator at

“ It is always a pleasure to share creative ideas with Sam Allison. He is a fearless collaborator, knows the language of film and has a passion for his work as a composer. My projects always come alive with his musical ideas.”

Doug Williams; Director, (Fraggle Rock, The Elephant Show, Fred Penner's Place, Supernatural Investigator).

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