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Sam Allison is a film and TV composer, music producer and multi-instrumentalist known for his generous collaborative spirit and his unique voice in music making. His lakeside studio near Toronto, Ontario houses a comprehensive collection of instruments from vintage synths and jaw-harps to West African gourd instruments and orchestral percussion.

Allison has been on the Canadian music scene for a couple of decades having been in demand as a session and touring musician playing guitar, upright bass and banjo for Sheesham and Lotus, Sarah Harmer, Jenny Whiteley, Ezmerine, The Silver Hearts, Serena Ryder, The Royal Jelly Orchestra and dozens more.

Sam has toured around the world, having played festivals in great cities such as Istanbul, Edinburgh, Brussels, London, Copenhagen, Dublin, Grenoble and Paris.


In 2003 Sam started composing for screen at SuperPopular Studios, where he created a music library and theme song for the animated series “The SuperPopular Show”, featuring voice work from

Joe Flaherty (Happy Gilmore, SCTV) and Canadian broadcasting legend Rex Murphy. Continuing his association with director Barney Wornoff, Sam became in-house composer at Seneca College Animation and worked with student animators at their renowned school.


It is always a pleasure to share creative ideas with Sam Allison. He is a fearless collaborator, knows the language of film and has a passion for his work as a composer. My projects always come alive with his musical ideas.”

Doug Williams; Director, (Fraggle Rock, The Elephant Show, Fred Penner's Place, Supernatural Investigator)

Film Credits

  • We're All Gonna Die! (2020)
    Director: Tali Lawrence. Seneca Animation Department short.

  • The Panel (2020)
    Director: Samantha Van Rootselar. Seneca Animation Department short.

  • Supernatural Investigator; What Killed Joe Fisher? (2013)
    Director: Doug Williams. Two-episode series for Lifetime Network

  • Toronto Animation Arts Festival International (2012)

  • Walk-on music for festival debut in Toronto.

  • Peterborough Time! (2007)
    Director: Barney Wornoff. Local production.

  • Sno-Bo (2004)
    Director: Vera Brosgol; Nominated for Best Animated Short by Nelvana

  • The Superpopular Show (2003-2005)
    Director: Barney Wornoff; animated series CHEX Peterborough

  • Catmandu (2001)
    Director: Josh Peace; independent short

  • Jazzman (2001)
    Director: Toby Proctor; independent short

  • Virtucone Shorts (2000)
    Director: Simone Stock


Production Credits

With Canadia del'Arte Theatre as Music Director with Chris Cummings

  • How is it that you want to Live? (2001)

  • Chekov V for Sounder and Moog (1999)
    Nominated for Dora Maver-Moore Award for Best Sound Design

  • Spirits (1998)
    Nominated for Dora Maver-Moore Award for Best Sound Design

As Producer


  • The Original Jenny Whiteley (2017)
    Nominated for JUNO award for best Folk Album

  • For Sheesham, Lotus and Son on Sepia Tone Records:

    • Clear the Table (2017)

    • High-Steppin' Music (2016)

    • 1929 (2012)
      Nominated for the Canadian Folk Music Award for Best Folk Album

    • Everytime! (2008)

For Lotus Wight


  • Ode to the Banjo (2017)
    Nominated for the Canadian Folk Music Award for Best Solo Folk Album

  • Superpopular Show (2006)
    Soundtrack CD: Love, Lotus

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